Kickass Life Project

Get Sassy. Get Sexy. Get Strong.

 The KLP is a free network for podcast fans and journey members. 

 See you on the inside! 

There are three things you need to know about the Kickass Life Project.


Everything here is created to bring more sassy, sexy, & strong kickassery into your world so you can live a life you love in a body you don't hate :) 

If you've ever felt like life isn't quite right... even when it isn't exactly wrong...

If you've ever felt you need to be

more assertive,

more confident,

more empowered,

fitter and stronger,

less concerned about other people's opinions,

a better role model,

a healthier eater,

a less offensive feminist,

more comfortable in your own skin,

independent but not jaded,

a 1% 'better than yesterday' version of yourself while still staying true to yourself and not losing yourself in motherhood, marriage, career,

... but you're not even sure what that actually looks like in real life... might be in the right place.

KLP is fitness & mental health for women who want to love their body & their life... at the same time.  

Your host, Kate, is a trauma informed personal trainer and counsellor who specializes in fitness and mental health for women. 


Every journey in the KLP is based on the idea that you can change your life 30 seconds, 30 minutes, and 30 days at a time.

If you have ever ...

been through some crappy shit 

wished you could go from feeling FUK'ed UP to feeling FUK YA!

wanted to unsuck your life

worked hard to make friends with your body but ended up feeling like it's the enemy might be in the right place.

Inside the KLP, you'll find an ever expanding collection of SASSY, SEXY, & STRONG journeys to explore plus a community of support built into them. 

Each journey takes you a little bit closer to a version of you that you freaking LOVE... a version of you not weighed down with shoulds or mum guilt or thigh hating thoughts... a version of you that has fully embraced what it means to be kickass without apology or doubt.


How to be enough

You'll learn the #1 thing we all get wrong about life

then reclaim your inner sassy voice

How to love your body

You'll learn how to smash a few  taboos

and redefine what sexy means for you

How to break the rules

You'll learn why fitness has never worked for you in the past

and start reconnecting with your body


If you choose to start your KLP adventure, we make a pact right here and now... you will try new things and I will believe in you. Deal?

There's tons more I can't wait to tell you. Fun stuff like






mum guilt,

emotional labour,

(I know...ummm wtf is that?),

why everything you've been told about fitness is probably wrong and how there's so much simple mental health info that could have changed the course of your life if only you'd known about it sooner...

...but I'm out of bandwidth for how to say the perfect thing that makes you think it's worth giving up room in your inbox for some answers.

I've changed this page a TON trying to make it perfect and I'll change it again without it ever being perfect. And that's ok. 

I'm gonna make a tiny observation though.If you are far enough down this page to be reading this, I've already said something that's intrigued you enough to risk a swipe right.

The next step is always your choice.

Have I mentioned the KLP is FREE?

OH, and hi. I'm Kate, btw.

Here's the boring, 'why I am qualified' things ... :) 

I am a kickass life enabler…which means I'm a candy loving personal trainer who cares more about what your body can do than what shape it is, a trauma informed counsellor with some #metoo tags, a proud participant of omgyes, and a Girls Gone Strong trained and certified coach determined to bring out the sassy sexy strong in everyone... even if you hate kale and burpees. 

Who I really am is a creative solopreneur who struggles to keep all her ideas straight, a self-taught extrovert who still loves her introvert roots, a woman with quirks, fears, and dreams. I love that I can start a podcast and there are no podcast police to censor me, and I am a lover of tangents, scenic routes, and rabbit holes.

PS - This is Whinney the Pooh

She shows up everywhere on my social media and website stuff so I figured you should meet her now.

She is my mental health on four legs and teaches me valuable life lessons... which may spill over into the Kickass Life Project lol.

You are welcome to bring your furry loved ones into the KLP scene, as well. 

A Big Thanks

Correction: A huge thanks to you!

We’re here to push each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help each other think bigger, reframe challenges, and stay curious. (stick around for a while and you'll hear me promote curiosity like I've got stocks in it lol)

SASSY, SEXY, & STRONG discussions and content feeds designed and created by adventurous women willing to step off the beaten path. (that's you, btw)

A network of people who share your interests who live near you, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics... and are willing to help you grow & get stronger.

A future you that becomes your present day reality so that you can always trust in your own wings no matter what chaos tries to knock you down. You've got this!

A cozy campfire area to swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around all the kickass things.

A growing toolkit of inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective to guide you as you become your most sassy, sexy, strong self.

To make this a reality, I'm going to need your help. Every time you contribute a story, experience, or idea, you’re building a trail map every member can use to make better, easier choices in their own journey.

Are you in?

Let's go!